Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Fantasy Maker5

Would you like to appear in the same photo as a famous person or your idol?
Well now you can with MyFantasyMaker 5.0 which will end this fantasy (graphically speaking). It lets you insert your face (or of whomever you want) in other photos realistically and professionally.

Once inserted you have a range of tools to make it bigger, smaller, wider, rotate it, invert it, move it, apply filters to change tones (colour, contrast, brightness) to place it better into the photo, and you won`t notic the end result is a montage. The more you use it the better you`ll get at the process, and the better the results will be.
It works with all the most popular graphic formats (JPET, GIF, BMP, RIF, PNG, etc).

Size : 9.9 MB

download link here...

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